Bear Hunting Package

You can use rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and bows.  Make sure to specify your special needs so that whether you use bow, black powder, rifle, or shotgun, you will be satisfied. To make sure your trip is not only successful but also trouble free, we do everything for you: track your bear, bring it back to camp, skin it, and prepare the meat (freeze it) and pelts for your return trip. We will also fill out all the paper work (export tag).


Package Includes:

  • Hunting territories and baited sites
  • Private full facilities cabin
  • Tree stand
  • Tracking and retrieving
  • Game Dressing and storage
  • Full fishing package include boat motor and gas
  • Taking you to and from bait site
  • Export Tags
  • Sighting-in area for gun hunters
  • As many baited sites as you need to kill your bear
  • Extra baits
  • Experienced guide
  • Please note that you can get the same package with meals included for 350$ more per person




Partial List of Items to Bring:

  • Orange vest
  • Head net
  • Latex gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Warm clothes
  • Tree stand if you wish to use your own
  • Flash light
  • Cooler or container for the meat and pelt for return trip
  • Therma Cell
  • Crossing the Border? Bring your Passport
  • Sheets and Pillowcases or Sleeping Bags
  • Cloths, and Towels for dishes
  • Towels and Wash Cloths for Showering
  • Drinkable water




Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, muzzleloaders, bows, and crossbows are permitted. Hand guns are NOT permitted in Canada. Firearms must be encased and declared at the US/Canada border. Information on possessing, transporting, and bring firearms in to Canada can be found at You need to fill a form for your firearms before you cross the border it will be the form RCMP 5589/CAFC 909.